“Mime Over Matter!”
Audiences of all ages laugh out loud as The Chameleons   venture forth  through a crazy-quilt Kafkaesque maze
of electric stairways, haunted train stations, floating dolls,
manic circus performers, thrill-ride dreams about
being late for work, the hysterical misadventures of the oblivious tourists, “Margaret & Fred”...and...
their timeless masterpiece, “Life Cycle”.
Keith Berger & Sharon Diskin shatter previous notions of Mime Theatre with their own style of using sound effects,  music and even dialogue as a “third character entity” in their
fun fast-paced family performances.
Photo from: “Umbrellas”
         “Inflatable!” Clip
   “The Chameleons
have an engaging,
  warm humanity
    that needs few words
to touch audience
      members of all ages.”        
                            The Maui News
       Superbly talented…
         Great Entertainment!”
                           Evening News,
                                  Edinburgh, Scotland
Photo from:  “Hurry!”