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Bookings, Classes & Info:
The Chameleons
Keith Berger & Sharon Diskin
Tel:      (818) 676-0331
Email:  ask@chameleonsmime.com
*For bookings and price info please specify your location, name of venue, which program(s) you are interested in, and number of performances.

The Chameleons may also be booked through the following organizations:
Theatrical Concerts & Tours:
School assemblies, Libraries, and other Small Venues:
The Los Angeles Music Center
Education Division                                  
( 213 ) 250 - ARTS
The Orange County Performing Arts Center
    Ventura County
   “Performances To Grow on”                                              
    (805) 646-8907  
    Santa Barbara County
    “The Children’s Creative Project”
     (805) 964-4710 ext. 4411
     E-mail: ccp@sbceo.org  

The American Mime Theatre
The World of Mime Theatre