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Whether it’s experiencing one of their electrifying shows or participating in  a thrilling workshop, children adore Mime & Movement-Based Theatre presented by Keith Berger and Sharon Diskin.
 “Adventures in Space” (K-6)
The Chameleons combine
Mime and Astronomy
to tell an incredible story
of outer space adventure.
This piece is performed to a thrilling spoken narration on tape, accompanied by a  marvelous musical score and sound effects.
Adventures in Space connects to Science.
The Chameleons “Mime Over Matter”
(audience participation segment) at Disney Hall.
“Mime Over Matter” (K-12)
A spellbinding collection of classic Mime plays.
Included are audience favorites: The Life Cycle, Margaret & Fred, Tug O’ War,  The Crazy Circus, The Escalator, and…
lots of audience participation! Mime Over Matter
is an inspiring introduction to Theater Arts.
“Mime Over Matter” clip.
 “Wonder of Words” (K-6)
The Chameleons’ captivating solo performance combines 
 the magical actions of Mime  with the spoken word to 
 tell a story about a box of nouns mysteriously missing.
 Nimbus the Mime finds clues in the magic boxes of
 verbs and adjectives and,  assisted by the audience,
 puts them together to  solve the mystery!
 The Wonder of Words connects to  Language Arts.
“I could not stop laughing!!!”         Principal, Ramona School,
Alhambra, CA
“Best program we’ve had in 20 years!”
                                     Jill Brown (Elementary Director)
                          Mayfield Junior School, Pasadena, CA
Wonderful, moving,
world class!
3rd Grade teacher
City Terrace Elementary
Los Angeles, CA